Can I exchange an item if it doesn’t fit or if I don’t like it?

Published on: 12-03-23 10:59pm

Steven W

Published on - 12-03-23 10:59pm

We’re more than happy to try to accommodate exchanges and get you the size you need!  Due to limited availability on many items, exchanges are not always possible, but we will do our best to honor your request.  We’re only able to offer exchanges for like items.  For more information regarding exchanges, please reach out to us at

1. Unused, Unworn items in their original packaging may be returned within 30 days of receiving for an exchange. ***There are no returns or exchanges on used merchandise or apparel***

 2. PLEASE NOTE: Items marked “All Sales Final” are not eligible for exchange.

3. Please allow 7-14 days from receipt for your exchange to be fully processed and shipped.

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