How do I cancel my subscription to Studio Tone It Up?

Published on: 12-03-23 10:47pm

Steven W

Published on - 12-03-23 10:47pm

Oh no! We're disappointed to hear you're cancelling your subscription but hope you continue using the free Toning Moves on the app. You can always resubscribe to join classes and access other premium workouts in the future. :)

Here are the steps to cancel your premium subscription to Studio Tone It Up.


If you subscribed via Apple iTunes

1. Access Settings in the home of your device;

2. Scroll down and tap iTunes Store and AppStore;

3. Tap your e-mail and Apple ID, View Apple ID and enter your password;

4. Now, tap Subscription - Manage and select Studio Tone It Up;

5. Turn off the auto-renewal option and tap Done.


If you subscribed via Google Play

1. Open your Google Play Store app

2. Go to Menu bar then Subscriptions

3. Select "Manage" for the Tone It Up app

4. Click "Cancel Subscription"


If you subscribed through

1. Go to 

2. Log in

3. Click "Cancel Subscription"

4. Confirm the cancellation

Please note, deactivating your account or deleting app will NOT cancel your subscription.  

Payment will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes/Google Play/Tone It Up Website account. Subscription renews automatically unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription/trial period. You can manage your subscription, and auto-renewal can be turned off, in your iTunes/Google Play/Tone It Up Website Account Settings after purchase. No cancellations or refunds will be provided for any unused portions of a subscription term.  You can view full terms and conditions here.

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