If I put the wrong address, how do I change it? Are there any reshipping fees?

Published on: 12-03-23 10:57pm

Steven W

Published on - 12-03-23 10:57pm

When purchasing physical merchandise, your order is immediately sent to our fulfillment center so it can be sent to you as quickly as possible.  Usually, we’re unable to make any address updates once an order has been placed, so be sure to check your address and all information before submitting.  

For any questions about changing an address, please send an email to contact@toneitup.com immediately.  

If an order is returned to Tone It Up due to an incorrect/insufficient address provided during checkout, change in address or inability of purchaser to claim package (parcel is abandoned at post or customs office), the customer will incur a $10 fee for re-shipping domestically or $20 for re-shipping internationally to new address.

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