I'm having trouble receiving my emails and/or Members Only emails

Published on: 12-03-23 08:52pm

Steven W

Published on - 12-03-23 08:52pm

Oh no! We're disappointed to hear that you're experiencing trouble receiving emails from us!

Please check your spam, bulk mail, trash, and any alternate folders for your Members Only Emails. You may also want to check your spam settings as sometimes E-Mail providers will automatically delete certain types of emails before they ever make it to your inbox.

We use the service Klaviyo to send our emails, so you might also want to add the site contact@toneitup.com, Tone it Up via klaviyomsv.com to your approved senders.

If you've changed your email address and would like to be added to the Nutrition Plan Members email list, please send us an email at contact@toneitup.com letting us know the email address associated with your plan purchase.

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